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Jennifer Smith

creator of

Visual Lifesavers Art

Eye Candy for the Soul

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Visual Lifesavers Art!

Creativity and self expression are very important to my personal happiness. Painting brings me joy, a rush of endorphins. It is a wonderful release and when a painting is going well I feel excited, happy and time flies by. 

When I start a painting I often create the background first, using colors that I enjoy or feel go well together. Then I layer the other objects on top of the background to create an interesting composition. Sometimes I plan out the painting ahead of time, such as with Lion of my Heart, so that everything can work well together.​

My artwork is inspired by everything around me. Often, the most eye catching images for me are from nature and photographs I see. I love the round, undulating lines and natural shapes of the earth, trees and human figures. I have been painting for many years, and am mostly self taught. Through practice, critiques and experimentation I have steadily increased my ability and expertise.
I feel very grateful that my artwork has been collected around the world going as far as China, Australia and Germany! Recently I was published in both the 2017 and 2019 We'moon desk calendar and the 2018 french desk calendar, Rev 'Elles Agenda Lunaire. 
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