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Adopted Paintings

Sometimes customers send me photos of my paintings in their homes. I love to see this and know that my work has a wonderful new place to live!
A Tree and A Path now live together!

Tree of LIfe: "Instantly when I saw this feminine tree I cried. I felt it belonged to me. Without hesitation I rushed to see it in person & bought it that same day. My husband said he thought of me, a woman of strength supporting myself & so many of my students.  Now it is the focal point of our library & the topic of many conversations from our guests."

The Path I Might Have Taken: "after a year I felt I needed a companion to my first purchased painting, when I saw the pathway of trees picture I knew I  had to have it. It seems to come alive-glows... & as I'm relaxing in my study with a good book, this painting helps me create scenes in my head. It's perfect!"

- Amy M.


Pictured: Jennifer with Summer Bounty. This painting was a commissioned painting based on her original paintings Visual Lifesavers and Rolling Hills. Amy was very happy with the result and is one of her best customers!

A lovely new home...

Be the Light, Fireflies in the Afterglow, The Bluebird of Happiness and The Rhythm of the Turtle have found their home together! They made a wonderful addition to my clients home and she loves them!

"I absolutely love our new paintings! Thank you Jennifer Smith, you are one talented lady!! I can't stop looking at them  I'm sure these won't be the last ones I purchase, love the new website."
- Angie B.

angies house.jpg
angies chair.jpg
A growing collection!

Your use of color draws me in...
- Jenny H.

Moon and Tree's New Home 

This fun painting now lives next to a little girls star covered tent! They go great together!

The Source of All Things


The Source of All Things was a spontaneous painting full of mystery and peace. I posted it on facebook and this customer could not live without it. Thank you!

Pictured here: Jennifer with The Source of All Things

A View of the Gorge

The Gorge is such a beautiful natural formation! I couldn't help but attempt to paint it. This painting found it's new home with a nature enthusiast who loves art! 

flourish display.JPG

Flourish, Thrive and Flow

This painting that encourages you to go with the flow while being guided by your own inner light could not be left at the Gallery by this customer. It now graces their home in a colorful way!

A Ribbon Runs Through It

A Ribbon Runs Through It now lives in a wonderful home in Washington. The new owner was very excited about this piece and couldn't wait to show me how wonderful it looked in her home. 


A Foggy Day

A foggy day in Portland Oregon lives in a a growing collection in Washington. 

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