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Prints of Original Visual Lifesavers Art

Eye candy for the soul is available in affordable prints that can add color and whimsy to your home today! Prints available through Jennifer's Etsy shop:

The power of the elephant is inspired by love of family and connectedness with all life.

Bridge of Change - Print

Change happens. Life moves and flows and we have the option to flow with it. Flowing with life can bring wonderful, unexpected surprises that we never could have planned. As we change, we learn and grow, often conquering some life lessons, as we become who we are meant to be. The Bridge of Change is about going through those changes in every day life and changing for the better because of it. We cross the bridge and life is different, and that is ok…

Summer Bounty

The rolling hills and luscious colors bring warmth and life.


This Lady an image of a woman who knows what she wants. She is full of life reminding us to live our own lives to the fullest.

Good Wolf vs Bad Wolf

This print shows two wolves, back to back, ying and yang, balancing one another. Which one will win? Whichever one you feed. But without one, you can not have the other...


Reaching to connect to our higher selves, each other, and the earth is a good practice.The woman is made of plants because of our connection to the earth. Out of her head grows a lotus of light as she connects with her higher self and the universe. The Lotus expands and grows universes out of its liquid body.


I've always loved the moon and the blackbirds are symbols of higher intelligence, higher thought, higher path of knowing and higher ideals. Your own interpretation can bring new meaning to this thoughtful creation.

Yes, I Love You!

Yes, I Love You! shows two elephants standing in companionship, love and support of one another. Elephants are very family oriented and protective beings. Elephants are widely respected and honored in many cultures for their wisdom, family values and strength.

The Path I Might Have Taken

This peaceful print brings forth a calming forest. Walk down its path in your imagination allowing its calming energy to infuse you.

Brilliant Sunset

Warm water lapping at the copper colored beach brings to mind relaxation and serenity. The Earth is so beautiful and inspiring.

Where Circles Come From watermark

Where do circles come from? Trees of course! Colorful and whimsical, bright and cheery.

Pretty Things

Crows are attracted to bright shiny objects. They also enjoy searching for food that is difficult to get, rather than easy picking Crows are highly symbolic and intelligent creatures. They learn to recognize people they can trust. Crow Symbolism: Cocky,Tricky, Playful, Magical, Curious, Secretive, Protective, Mysterious, Unpredictable

Be the Light watermark

Be the light, the good, the kind, the understanding. Love guides and draws us all toward it.

She is All

The galaxy within her body is our home and the energy and DNA coming from her body is us. She is powerful, loving, sensual and joyous. She is All brings forth positive energy and your own joy.

Visual Lifesaver

Vibrant colors undulating through the hills draws your eyes into a land of warmth and happiness.

Birth of Souls

The stars of our galaxy meet at the ocean shoreline giving birth to souls floating out into space to be born on Earth and possibly other places. Interpret as you will, but that is my thought on it.

Lion of my Heart

A lion looks into the distance as magical things are being created within him ready to be released out into the world. The lion is alert and watching what's going on with excitement because good things are happening.

Bring on the Night

This painting shows a large bird flying across the sky, pushing the sun along and bringing the night behind it.

Tree of Life

A Tree, represents the essence of life with endless potential for diversity of positive energy and color.

Humanity Rising

This image evolved into a phoenix as I was painting. The phoenix pursues hope (the light at the top left) with the souls of humanity (represented by the white dots) among its wings. Phoenix is determined, resurrecting from its own ashes to create a new and better life.

Wonder of it All

The Wonder of it opens up to the magic of the world around us. Dragonflies are a symbol of change and metamorphosis. Embrace it and see the magic in your surroundings.

We are all connected

There are many different things that connect us. We need each other socially, physically, and emotionally as well as many other ways. The circles connecting the sky and ground, along with the people and the shadows overlapping represents this connection that we all have with one another.

Bubbles of Happiness

These trees and bubbles are happiness letting the world enjoy its abundance. These trees bring a smile as the bubble float away to bring happiness to others.

Ursa Major

Bears are wondrous, symbolic creatures of both the masculine and the feminine energy. When it is awake, the bear is a do-er, powerful and extroverted. In hibernation the bear is in feminine energy and is in introspection, subconscious, and Yin energy.


Feel the breeze as clouds gather. Water ripples. The Big Dipper shines in the sky. Hope and anticipation fill the night. water symbolism: a universal symbol of change and is often a sign of life, health, purity and cleansing. North: One of the cardinal directions, symbolic meaning of Illumination, Discovery, Logic, Understanding, Mental wisdom

The Magician

Behold the eye of the magician

Moonlit Path

Moonlit Path is a stroll of the imagination onto a trail of wonder into the night.


Afterglow brings beauty and creativity to life! This flowing tree with its bright orbs and fireflies brightens and illuminates the day. firefly symbolism: When fireflies come into our lives they are there to guide us to ways of living that are more earth-friendly, and soul-friendly. Fireflies teach us the value of living simply, and relying on our own inner voices for illumination. Fireflies also come to us with a message of creativity.

The Royalty

The Royalty has arrived! The wisdom and understanding in The Royalties eyes remind us to look at the big picture. The sparkles reminded me of a crown while the dots and swirls made him look magical.

Swirling Dive

A female figure swoops though the skies, increasing her energy, finding renewal and happiness.

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