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During the summer, with the windows and doors wide open I would hear the cry of a hawk circling above my home. This inspired me to paint a hawk as it flies through the day and night, living in duality. 

-Hawk Totem Meaning-

The hawk spirit animal or totem has several attributes and meanings:

Hawk is the messenger of the spirit world

  • Use the power of focus
  • Take the lead when the time is right
  • Power to see
  • clear vision
  • Strong connection with spirit
  • increased spiritual awareness

Hawk spirit animals belong to the realm of bird medicine. It carries the symbolism that comes with the ability to fly and reach the skies.

Hawk information from:

Size: 24"x12"x.75"

  • Sides painted and back wired for instant hanging
  • Shipped UPS or FedEx
  • Insurance and tracking provided
  • Name of painting, artist and artist signature on back
  • Bottom right signed by artist

Of the Day and Night

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