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There is a Japanese belief that there is a thin red chord that connects you to the people in our lives that we are meant to meet. As we get physically closer to that person, the chord draws tighter, helping to bring those important people into our lives. We all have connections with that special someone whether it is a loved one, a friend or a pet. We have energetic cords that connect us to people, places and things and a thin red line that connects us to our soulmates. This painting is all about our connection to our soulmate.


Size: 20"x20"X1.5"


  • Oil Painting.
  • Back wired and sides painted for instant hanging.
  • Wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap and inserted carefully into a cardboard container and shipped directly to you through UPS or FedEx.
  • Free Shipping
  • Tracking and insurance provided.
  • Front has artist signature, back has name of painting, name of artist, an artist signature.

Soul Connection

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